Anguilla is a British dependent territory, located in the Eastern Caribbean. The Time Zone is + 1 hour EST and -4 hours GMT.

With an area of only 16 miles long and 3 miles wide (35 square miles) and a population of just over 11,000, Anguilla boasts some of the best white sand beaches in the world with a sunny and warm climate (Avg. 80 F.) all year round.


As a British Overseas Territory there is an appointed Governor who represents the Queen and an elected Government. Local elections are held every five (5) years. Political parties contest the general elections for the opportunity to form the government and the appointment of a Chief Minister and his Executive Council. The Governor is responsible for defence, external affairs internal security and offshore financial services.

The Chief Minister and three other ministers along with other elected members and nominated members are responsible for legislative matters and enactment of the countries laws.


International travel to Anguilla is relatively easy with direct daily flights to and from Puerto Rico via American Eagle. There are other gateways through St. Marten and Antigua both of which accommodate international flights to Europe and North America.

Internet, telephone, telex and telefax communications facilities to and from Anguilla are available and provided by LIME (formally called Cable & Wireless).

Express deliveries through international courier services are well established.

Electricity at 110 volts is provided through the island.

Water is provided mainly through the use of desalination plants and cisterns attached to private residences. Bottled or boiled water is recommended for drinking.

Business and the Economy

Anguilla is heavily reliant on high end tourism which includes winter homes and villas for persons of high net worth.

GDP growth is significantly impacted by tourism, construction particularly in new homes and visitor accommodation and the Financial Services Sector.

Other contributors to economic growth include to a lesser extent, agriculture and fisheries.

Anguilla is a bona fide tax haven with no income taxes for individuals or corporations. Due to this, double taxation treaties and therefore tax exchange information agreements don't exist.

Actively promoted is the establishment of Anguilla as a well regulated offshore financial services centre which includes the registration of offshore companies and trusts.